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For Curious Minds

These are not product endorsements; they are examples of technology and tools that change the field of accessibility, and are things that might be useful in your communities.

Aftershokz: bone conduction headphones that work with bluetooth, allowing people with vision impairments to, for example, hear GPS instructions to the headphones while still being able to hear all the sounds around them.

AppleVis Forums: for all things related to accessibility and Apple devices. If you're wondering if there's an iOS app for a specific use, this is a good place to try to find out.

Audacity: free, open-source recording software.

Dyslexie Font: can install this font on computers; it’s free for personal use.

iFeelagrams: tactile book for Braille readers learning to use iPads.

Internet Archive & Wayback Machine: more public domain content & possible snapshots of websites that aren’t around anymore.

Library Toolshed: resources for libraries; search “NNELS” for NNELS content.

Library Box: share books over wifi in areas where people might not have internet access

Librivox: public domain audiobooks; no account required to download; fun to volunteer

Project Gutenberg: books in public domain; no account required to download; fun to volunteer.

Sansa Clip+: an inexpensive, accessible MP3 player.

VoiceOver for iOS devices: watch the short video from Shane Aguilera demonstrating how he uses his iPad, or see the ones from the RNIB in the UK.


Helpful Organizations

Getting Together with Technology (GTT): Canadian Council of the Blind program to connect blind Canadians, and connect them with each other. (Email us to learn more about activity in your area.)


Have something to add to this list? Please let us know!